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Sometimes it's hard to know whats real if your not...

Nothings here for me but you...

11/1/05 03:22 pm

Hey,it's been awhile since I have updated.

Things are going good.

End of entry....

8/3/05 10:57 am

I think I'm done with this whole live journal thing.


7/22/05 11:49 am

Well. Somone decided to be a dick today.

7/8/05 10:44 am

Cross my heart and hope to...I'm lying just to keep you here...

6/13/05 02:46 pm

That sick bastard did that shit!

6/12/05 07:06 pm

Youth to youth was so fun.

The best one yet.

Good memories, good stuff.



"It's the one that stole your fathers pride, tha mighty might dollar sign, these are the things that matter most, so sing alone and be prepared."

6/3/05 02:33 pm


...I'll be your friend in hell, until then I despise you...

6/1/05 03:30 pm - How long would it take me to walk across the United States all alone?

Hello all,

Today....I had exams....well...exam...I had my history exam and that's it, it was easy, it took me 30 minutes to finish and so I still had an hour to just sit there in silence....it sucked, I tryed texting people....but...no reply. so, I played bowling on my cell phone. and the kid next to me was spinning a godsmack cd in his cd player, he brought it to listen, but we werent allowed to, so he just did that. Oh, goodness, I cant wait till summer. I have to take all 3 exams tomorrow and then one friday. Gay. I have my choir exam tomorrow, so, it should be fun.

Well....I'm bored.

...There's a hole in the trust we mapped out on my bed...

5/23/05 04:17 pm


It's coming!!!!!!!!!!!

5/10/05 04:00 pm

I'm mean..

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